Promoting physical activity

In addition to working with people with neurological disorders, NeuroMotrix has given itself a mandate to promote physical activity. Our activities for the promotion Promotionof physical activity are designed to motivate people to move more and thus counteract sedentary behaviors. We do this through focus groups,presentations and familiarization workshops.

These activities to promote the activity include:

  • Support groups and discussion groups
  • Groups of exercises
  • Of health professionals who work with people with
  • Relatives or accompanying persons
  • Of people at risk

NeuroMotrix travels to meet you in your community: day centers, CLSCs, CHSLDs, hospitals, clinics, residences for the elderly, organizations, etc.

Physical Activity Discussion Groups

NeuroMotrix proposes conducting focus groups and participating in physical activity exchanges for people with neurological disorders.

The activities offered include:

  • The benefits of physical activity for each neurological disorder
  • Tips for being more active on a daily basis
  • Barriers to physical activity and ways to counter them

Presentations on physical activity and neurological disorders

NeuroMotrix also offers lectures on physical activity for people with neurological disorders.

The content of the presentations is based on the available scientific data and the practical experience of NeuroMotrix stakeholders.

Presentations include:

  • The benefits of physical activity for each neurological disorder
  • The interaction of physical activity with medication
  • Recent scientific research on physical activity and neurological disorders

The presentations are adapted to the groups we meet. If you are interested in a particular theme, please let us know so that we can adapt to your needs.

Familiarization workshops

NeuroMotrix offers group physical activity workshops so that those affected can become familiar with different ways of moving. We want to promote physical activity in all its forms. These playful workshops rely on the pleasure of moving and aim to develop the desire to be more active.

The familiarization workshops currently offered are:

  • Improvement of walking
  • Coordination and cognition
  • Boxing

Our kinesiologists will be happy to develop a workshop that will meet the needs of your group regardless of the health status of the participants. We build on the potential of everyone so they can benefit from the positive effects of physical activity.

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