Neuromotrix : The Path You Need To Take!

NeuroMotrix offers adapted physical activity services specializing in neurological disorders and aging. Interventions are done in private and in groups, by videoconference, at home and in the parks.

Our business is growing. Services are currently in development in several regions of Quebec. As part of the NeuroMotrix team, kinesiologists are called upon to initiate projects and develop new services.


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    Why work with us?

    NeuroMotrix is made up of a team of kinesiologists and scientific experts specialized in neurological disorders and the science of aging. Our expertise is adapted physical activity and our mission is to enhance the quality of life of people living with neurological disorders. We believe that everyone should enjoy life to the fullest and aims to make it possible for everyone to feel better both physically and mentally. Neither illness nor age should ever prevent people from enjoying the overall benefits of physical activity!

    At NeuroMotrix, we place the unique needs of each person at the heart of our work and have developed an approach that links science with practice. The NeuroMotrix team of kinesiologists maintains ties with experts in scientific research in order to always remain up-to-date on the latest developments. Each member of the team is rigorous, understanding and compassionate with every single one of our clients.