The benefits of physical activity on multiple sclerosis

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis In Canada, around 100,000 people live with multiple sclerosis. It is a degenerative neurological disease of the central nervous system. Several ...

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Parkinson’s disease

Coronavirus and isolation pose health risks The year 2020 has started and continues in a very strange way with the advent of COVID-19 which forces ...
23 July 2020

How many steps a day should we take?

A text by Laurie Allard, NeuroMotrix intern Walking to improve your health: goals and practical tips You have surely heard it many times, it takes 10,000 steps a day to be considered active. This represents […]
22 July 2020

Effort and intensity perception

Are these exercises too intense for me? You’ve probably wondered this before, and that’s okay. In this time of confinement, it’s important to keep moving and being physically active, but no one should be doing […]
21 July 2020

Physical activity, a medicine to treat concussions

A text by Sabrina Lespinasse, NeuroMotrix intern Physical activity, a “drug” that reduces the after-effects of a traumatic brain injury and the risk of falling Young and old people can suffer from a traumatic brain […]