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Kinesiologist At Home

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Get Moving and Increase Your Quality Of Life!


NeuroMotrix has THE exercise program you need, when you need it!

Alone or in a group, at the studio or at home, in care or CHSLD, NeuroMotrix has a variety of programs to help you get healthier and increase your quality of life. NeuroMotrix’s highly qualified kinesiologists develop adapted physical activity programs that are safe and effective and carried out respectfully and joyously.

The NeuroMotrix team is competent and compassionate whatever your condition: whether you’ve had a recent diagnosis, or you’ve been living with chronic illness for a long time or if you just feel that you require special assistance with your health.

The contents of our sessions are varied:










Content of the session adapted to your personal needs:


Our One-On-One personal training program provides you with tailor-made private training developed by highly qualified kinesiologists, at home, in care, in CHSLD.

Exercises tailored to your needs, advice that will motivate you, personal support, and rigorous follow-up — everything you need to increase and maintain your quality of life. This program will help you reach YOUR personal goals.

• Develop strength, mobility and balance and make your daily life easier (walking, carrying bags, climbing stairs, getting up from the couch or the facilities, for example).
• Fight your fear of falling with better balance and more strength.
• Reduce pain when you move around and remember what it’s like to feel confident in your ability.
• Get your key abilities back up to speed when returning to work after sick leave (private insurance and CNESST).

This program includes:
• A physical health assessment
• Private training sessions


Individual consultation, motivational interview, kinesiology follow-up and adapted physical activity program.

This program is specially designed for people living with a mental health disorder (depression, anxiety, mood disorder, etc.), who are at risk for a mental health disorder and those whose mental health is fragile. Its objectives are to:

  • promote the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits: physical activity, sleep, stress management
  • promote health recovery and reduce the risk of relapses
  • regain functional abilities allowing a return to work or to regular activities of daily living
  • improve the quality of life: autonomy, physical well-being and psychological well-being
  • prevent the development of chronic diseases (osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc.)

Thanks to the Well-Being And Mental Health Program, you benefit from fully personalized follow-up with a kinesiologist trained to support and guide you in improving your lifestyle, including regular physical activity. The kinesiologist will assist you in choosing the activity to practice, the exercises, the frequency and the intensity of your practice. It helps you overcome obstacles and find solutions so that you can integrate physical activity into your life to reap the full benefits.

Physical activity is recognized as an effective treatment in the treatment of many mental health disorders, particularly depressive disorders and anxiety disorders. It acts in different ways on physical and psychological health. On the one hand, it stimulates the release of neurotransmitters which have antidepressant and analgesic effects, which provides a feeling of well-being. On the other hand, physical activity is also known to enhance the action (adjuvant effect) of antidepressant drugs. It reduces stress, improves mood and increases feelings of self-efficacy. In short, the practice of physical activity provides many benefits and involves very few risks.

This program is available at home, at the studio (at one of our partners), in care or online. It includes:

  • Individual consultation,
  • An action plan aimed at integrating physical activity in a positive and safe way,
  • An adapted physical activity program including individual meetings and follow-up sessions.

The program duration is generally 6 to 12 weeks with a frequency of meetings of 2 to 3 times per week. The meetings duration is 50 minutes.

Each setting can be tailored to better meet your needs. Telephone, email or text follow-up is also available to accompany you throughout the program.

Are you feeling depressed or anxious and want to improve your mental health? Have you been diagnosed with depression, anxiety or other mental health disorder? Are you on sick leave for burnout?

Ask your doctor or rehabilitation counselor if physical activity could help you get healthy, or contact us to learn more about kinesiology services that may be right for you.


Group training is the best way to make physical exercise part of your life and to stay motivated!

The team at NeuroMotrix specialises in neurological disorders and aging and has developed a range of adapted group exercise programs that will stimulate you and will help you get healthier while having fun.

Come enjoy the health benefits of group exercise, with exercises tailored to your condition. Make friends while enjoying the support of a team of kinesiologists who understand the challenges you face.

Group exercise is motivating and an excellent way to better your physical and mental health!



Content of the session:


Our Adapted Exercise Following Extended Inactivity Program was developed for anyone who has had a sedentary lifestyle for a long period of time such as those recovering from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or those who have been inactive for a long time due to lockdown, illness or time at the hospital, for example.

Our kinesiologists provide adapted exercise programs designed to help you get back into shape. We’ll work on your muscular and cardiovascular strength to help you get fully back up to speed.

Our physical activity programs’ intensity is tailored to your physical condition and progress is based on your abilities. A variety of stimulating exercises will be proposed to you. Our sessions are run online and in small groups so that you can enjoy individual instruction.

This program aims to help you swiftly redevelop your muscular and cardiovascular strength. Exercise with us and your sedentary lifestyle will just be a bad memory! Remember the joy of being active, in our company.

One week free offer now available! Sign up now, places are limited!

3 sessions per week. Each session is 30 minutes long.
Private instruction also available.


Content of the session:


Increase your cardiovascular and muscular health – as well as your posture– with NeuroMotrix’s Walking With Poles workshops!

Our Walking With Poles workshops (Nordic walking) take place outdoors in a safe, pleasant environment. The object is to help draw the maximum benefit from exercise by getting your whole body moving. The hiking poles help you keep your balance and make all kinds of movements possible. Exercising balance, coordination and endurance takes place in a group on a trail that is perfectly suited to your ability and, depending on your condition, appropriate for taking breaks or walking even faster!

Walking with poles helps prevent health issues linked to aging and helps fight symptoms linked to a number of diseases (including Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, hemiparesis following a stroke, chronic pain or fatigue, diabetes and respiratory illnesses, for example).

Walking Well With Your Poles



Content of the session:


This no-contact boxing program was developed for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, but is also excellent for people suffering from health conditions such as movement disorders, imbalance, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and the effects of stroke.

Learn boxing techniques, use punching bags and speedballs to develop or maintain good physical and mental health in spite of illness or aging. Develop your strength, speed and coordination and see your balance and endurance increase! You will also experience many mental health advantages. Joining a group will help you stay motivated while instruction from experienced kinesiologists and boxing coaches ensures effective, safe workout sessions. Pleasure and excellence guaranteed!

This program is supported by Parkinson Montréal-Laval and Parkinson Coeur des Laurentides. Many thanks for the support!


Content of the session:


Ideal for people with sedentary lifestyles or who are relatively inactive who want to make physical activity part of their lives and for those who would like to push their workout a bit further.

Most of the exercises take place on a chair or in a wheelchair and include flexibility, joint and posture exercises under the guidance, at all times, of a kinesiologist specialised in aging and neurological disorders..

Don’t let your pain, exhaustion or your fear prevent you from enjoying the benefits of exercise!


Content of the session:


Does it feel like you lose your balance more easily? Have you already fallen? Are you afraid that you might? Are you becoming less and less active? This training program is designed for you!

Neuro Balance training will teach your muscles to react more quickly, will make you better coordinated, will make your joints more flexible and, above all, will help you develop confidence in your abilities.

Train with one of our kinesiologists doing adapted group exercises and practice other suggested exercises at home. Experience the benefits of Neuro Balance training in very little time. You will want to move more and will feel safer doing so. Your overall health will improve!


Content of the session:


Slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease and manage your symptoms by training with NeuroMotrix! This program is also perfectly suited to people who are feeling their age, especially a loss of strength, less energy, slowness in certain movements, and troubled sleep, for example.

Intensive group training for people who are ready for the challenge of improving their health. Try this circuit designed to include many adapted exercises. During training, participants enjoy the full benefits of physical exercise by reaching levels of intensity that are higher than classic workouts. Working up a sweat is your best bet!

Perfect for people recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and for those who have had a stroke as well as all those who just want to stay healthy as they grow old.

Training is supervised by specialised kinesiologists. Join us and impress yourself!


Content of the session:


NeuroMotrix’s Neuro Flexibility program is the best choice to improve overall health!

Neuro Flexibility improves physical and mental health and its positive impact is even greater among people with poor health. For people living with chronic pain or neurological disorders such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or dystonia, as well as for those experiencing physical limitations or who feel frail. Neuro Flexibility improves joint mobility and reduces pain. You’ll notice greater fluidity and flexibility in your movements. Embrace the practice of Neuro Flexibility!

Let our NeuroMotrix professionals guide you. They understand your needs and help you move in safe and effective ways, all while respecting your limits. Try Neuro Flexibility and enjoy feeling relaxed and well in your body!


Content of the session:


Neuro Mobility, the perfect program to improve your mobility, walk more efficiently and reduce the risk of falling!

Would you like to have more confidence in your balance and strength while you move? The Neuro Mobility program is for you! It aims to maintain and improve mobility to make your walking more efficient and thus reduce the risk of falling. The program is designed for people who want to feel more confident while moving and want to improve their balance, strength, and overall fitness.

Neuro Mobility is a perfect choice for those who want to improve their health and who like to work out with pleasure. During the sessions, you will perform strengthening, balance, coordination, and flexibility exercises, sometimes using equipment provided on site (chair, cones, balls, etc.), in complete safety under the supervision of a kinesiologist.

Prerequisites: You must be able to stand and walk without technical assistance for 5 minutes!

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NEURO STRENGTH (with rubber bands)

Content of the session:


The Neuro Strength program aims at maintaining muscle strength and mass.

The effects of aging, including muscle loss, can be slowed down by participating in a regular physical activity. A comprehensive exercise program should include muscle strengthening. These recommendations Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology directives are for all adults, but are especially important for elderly and people living with a particular health condition because they are at higher risk of decline. Muscle strengthening helps maintain functional abilities, which makes activities of daily living, such as climbing stairs, carrying bags, putting things away, getting out of a chair and getting out of bed, way easier to realize. It’s an investment to remain independent!

The exercises offered in Neuro Strength are performed with rubber bands (Theraband style), which allow every participant to choose the resistance that suits him/her. We suggest you have rubber bands of different colors (each color offering a different resistance) in order to optimize the training. Guided by a NeuroMotrix kinesiologist who will provide advice on the correct execution of movements, you will feel stronger and more more confident in your movements after just a few sessions of Neuro Strength!



“I’ve been taking NeuroMotrix classes 4 or 5 times a week with my husband, Yves, since December 2019. We take classes run by dynamic, attentive, warm kinesiologists. It’s easy to take a class every day because it’s online. The five classes we take are Neuro Balance, Adapted Boxing, Neuro Intensity, Chair Exercises and Neuro Flexibility. All these different exercises make us feel well in mind and body. We are so happy to be here!”


“I have Parkinson’s disease. My neurologist recommended that I exercise. I found NeuroMotrix and, for the last few years, have been coached by a kinesiologist who develops an exercise program for me every 6 to 7 weeks. Recently, because of Covid-19, the gym in the building where I live closed. So I signed up for NeuroMotrix’s online workout program. I love this program as it’s designed for people with my condition. Plus, whatever the weather, you can take part without any chance of falling down. If you have any specific needs caused by a neurodegenerative disease, you’re in the right place. The kinesiologists are very professional.”


“The exercises are suitable for all levels and all ages.”


“I really like the exercises I do with Mathilde. The sessions make me feel good and that makes me want to keep moving.”


“I remember the day of my diagnosis like it was yesterday. That kind of news changes your life and makes you reconsider everything. But I knew that my natural optimism and my resilience would shape this new future that was opening up for me. There wasn’t, and there still isn’t, any cure for this “filthy” disease. But it really helps to start exercising again in a variety of ways.

After trying a few programs, clubs and coaches I found my place at NeuroMotrix. Why? Because they understand when I have not-so-good days and they call me if I suddenly stop turning up. Above all, no one sets me impossible goals. No world records attempted here, but lots of support to stay consistent. In my case, that comes from my wife and sometimes even one of my two daughters: Romane and Florence. I really believe that I’ve found the ideal way to continue fighting for as long as possible.”


PLAN A UNLIMITED access to group sessions online + one private session each month 160 $ + tx / month (4 weeks)

PLAN B  UNLIMITED access to group sessions online 85 $ + tx / month or 22 $ + tx / week (4 weeks)

WALKING WELL WITH YOUR POLES Sessions take place in various parks 300 $ + tx for 20 sessions

1 session/week
12 weeks: 204$+tx (17$/session)
16 weeks: 256$+tx (16$/session)
20 weeks: 300$+tx (15$/session)

FREE 1 week free trial period for all new participants!

Current Schedule – Online (from December 7th 2020)


11H00 -12H00


Neuro Balance


11H00 -12H00


Chair exercises


11H00 – 12H00


Neuro Strength


11H00 – 12H00


Neuro Intensity


11H00 -12H00


Neuro Flexibility

Outdoor training

Walking With Poles workshops – 12 sessions

Spring sessions start in May



10H30 -11H30


Père-Marquette Park

10H30 – 11H30

starting on august 30th


Michel-Chartrand Park




Indoor training


13 h 15 – 14 h 10

starting on sept. 12

Neuro Balance


Dubreuil Park Chalet

14 h 20 – 15 h 15

starting on sept. 12

Adapted Boxing


Dubreuil Park Chalet




11 h 00 – 12 h 00

starting on sept. 8

Adapted Boxing


East Boxing Club



 Montréal – Laval – Repentigny – Longueuil – St-Jérôme – Lachute


Our Expertise At Your Service!


Our team is available for seminars on the positive impacts of physical activity among people living with particular health conditions.

We would be delighted to share our passion for physical exercise as well as our expertise on the subject with you and your audience, whatever the setting: a clinic, a support group or during a conference. Our expertise and our dynamism will impress your audience and leave them feeling like they should be more physically active. We’ll provide them with a few tricks and tips on how to have a healthier lifestyle.

Some of our seminar topics include:



Recommended by leading surgeons, doctors, and therapists, Urban Poling’s ACTIVATOR® Hiking Poles were specifically designed by an occupational therapist and a gerontologist for rehab and long-term conditions. This unique patented design enhances strengthening, stability and off-loading with your safety in mind.

ACTIVATOR ℗ poles may be beneficial for pre/post hip or knee surgery (upon assessment of a rehab professional), soft tissue injuries, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, MS, chronic pain, cancer rehab, spinal conditions and older adults. There are currently 10 independent studies on the ACTIVATOR Poles at hospitals and universities in Canada and the renowned Royal Orthopedic Hospital in London, UK.

• Button locking system for greater weight-bearing capacity 200 lb / 90 kg per pole.

• Patented ergonomic Coregrip designed for core strengthening, balance and off loading while reducing strain on wrist

• Bell shaped tip for stability

• Wide ledge instead of a strap to reduce the risk of injury

• 3 anti-vibration features to minimize stress on joints

• Adjustable to user heights up to 6′ (182 cm)

• 2-section collapsible poles for travel

• Maximum user weight: 250 lb / 113 kg per ACTIVATOR pole.

Use: Perfect for our Walking With Poles workshop

Price: 115 $  + tx

Order: 438-377-9010 or info@neuromotrix.com


Give the gift of health to yourself or your loved ones!

The NeuroMotrix Kit, The Essential, includes:

  • three Theraband resistance bands of different strengths: blue, black, silver,
  • a NeuroMotrix mug to encourage you every morning,
  • a NeuroMotrix bag to always have us by your side.

Use of resistance bands: Perfect for our Neuro Strength sessions

Price: $ 35 + tx (delivery included)

Order: 438-377-9010 or info@neuromotrix.com


Give the gift of health to yourself or your loved ones!

The NeuroMotrix Kit, The indispensable, includes:

  • three Theraband rubber bands of different strengths: blue, black, silver,
  • a NeuroMotrix mug to support you every morning,
  • a NeuroMotrix bag to always have us by your side,
  • a complete assessment of your physical condition with a kinesiologist offered online or at home.

Use of resistance bands: ideal for our Neuro Strength sessions

Price: $ 130 + tx (home travel expenses not included)

Order: 438-377-9010 or info@neuromotrix.com