The benefits of physical activity on mental health

The practice of physical activity as a strategy to promote mental health has been the subject of increasing research and recognition in the scientific community ...

What equipment should you buy for your home physical activity sessions?

Home training equipment: advice from a kinesiologist 1. Use everyday items for home sessions with your kinesiologist Some people think that it takes a lot ...

Muscle pain doesn’t necessarily mean danger!

You may have had sore muscles the next or two days after doing any activity. Maybe it was in the spring when you spent four ...

Physical activity to fight depression

Article written by Audrey Bélanger and Jessica Lecourt, interns at NeuroMotrix Depression, a widespread and worrying health problem Between 12 and 15% of Quebecers over ...
24 September 2020

How can we prevent the elderly from falling?

The Public Health Agency of Canada estimates that 20-30% of seniors fall each year. It is therefore important to secure their environment and to study what actions can reduce the risk of falling. Especially since […]
21 July 2020

Physical activity, a medicine to treat concussions

A text by Sabrina Lespinasse, NeuroMotrix intern Physical activity, a “drug” that reduces the after-effects of a traumatic brain injury and the risk of falling Young and old people can suffer from a traumatic brain […]