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Well-being and mental health


This program is specifically designed for people who live with a mental health disorder (depression, anxiety, mood disorder, etc.), who are at risk of a mental health problem or whose mental health is fragile. Its main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, regain health and reduce the risk of relapses. In addition to acting on mental health, the integration of physical activity into your routine makes it possible to regain functional capacities for a return to work or to regular life activities, to improve quality of life and prevent the development of chronic diseases (osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, etc.).

Ask your doctor or rehabilitation counselor if physical activity could help you regain health or contact us to learn more about the best suited kinesiology services for you. Physical activity is an effective treatment for anxiety and depression, try it to find out!

Possible content:

  • Individual meetings and fully personalized follow-up with a kinesiologist
  • Motivational Interview and Fitness Assessment
  • Personalized support in healthy lifestyle habits
  • Guidance to choose a physical activity you like, exercises that you feel better, the frequency and the intensity of your practice
  • Adapted physical activity program

Duration and frequency:

According to your needs


At home : $187+tx/week
Online : $145+tx/week

* Based on a program of 20 meetings spread over 12 weeks. A combination of in-home and online sessions is also possible. Contact us for more details.