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À la carte


Private “à la carte” consultations are designed to meet your specific needs and help you adopt a more active lifestyle regardless of your physical condition. A personalized support from a kinesiologist will help you get into action in a safe, effective and motivating way. Our kinesiologists are creative and will help you discover how to move in your prefered environment, whether at home, in a park or elsewhere. Contact a NeuroMotrix kinesiologist today to discuss your health condition, your needs and your goals. This consultation will allow us to guide you towards the most suited support for you. Guided by a kinesiologist, you get closer to your ideal active lifestyle!

Possible content

  • Fitness assessment
  • Motivational interview
  • Individual meetings in person and/or online according to your needs
  • Support according to the choice and practice of your physical activities
  • Custom-made exercise program
  • Any other relevant activity to help you achieve your goals

Duration and frequency

According to your needs


  • Consultation and assessment (90 min)
    • 154$+tx at home
    • 125$+tx online
  • Individual session (50 min)
    • 113$+tx at home
    • 85$+tx online
  • Individual session (25 min)
    • 42,50$+tx online