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Living with a neurological disorder should not be a barrier to physical activity, but rather a motivation to do more.

You are not sure which formula suits you, contact us! With a telephone interview, we can help you choose a service adapted to your needs!
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NeuroMotrix is committed to providing a range of training services to help people with neurological disorders improve their condition through our specially trained kinesiologists. Our approach is based on the latest scientific findings in terms of physical activity and neurological disorder and our experience with patients.

Adopting the NeuroMotrix formula will allow you to decrease the symptoms of the disease, delay the loss of autonomy, increase the quality of life, increase mobility. This will allow you to:

  • Continue to carry out your daily activities
  • Stay active no matter what your condition
  • Continue to be active
  • Take walks outside
  • Resume activities that you have stopped doing
  • Continue to do your household chores
  • Have social activities

Our approach is tailored to the neurological condition, symptoms and goals of each client. NeuroMotrix makes you enjoy the benefits of physical activity safely! Whatever your symptoms, physical condition or sports experience, our NeuroMotrix trainers will be able to help you.


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La solution en entrainement pour les personnes atteintes de troubles neurologiques