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Mission and Activities

The mission of NeuroMotrix is to facilitate access to physical activity for people with neurological disorders.

NeuroMotrix simplifies exercise and improves quality of life through physical activity!

NeuroMotrix specializes in physical activity adapted for people with neurological disorders.

We currently offer a home training service for people with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and many more.

We will soon offer courses to kinesiologists who wish to specialize in the training of people with neurological disorders.

Finally, you will soon find on this site relevant information about physical activity, as well as tips to optimize your time investment. Whether you are a person with neurological disorders, a loved one, or a caregiver, this site is for you.


NeuroMotrix was born out of the desire to share the benefits of physical activity with others. Recognizing the glaring lack of specialized physical activity services for people with neurological disorders, the founders decided to use their experience in intervention and their scientific knowledge by founding NeuroMotrix.


February 2017: Progrès St-Léonard 28 février 2017 Un traitement contre le Parkinson qui a du punch

La Presse + 28 février 2017 Combattre le Parkinson dans l’arène

April 2014: Innovation Award of the “Mon Entreprise” contest of UQAM

November 2014: First prize in the « Entrepreneuriat et innovation » Competition of the UQAM Partnerships and Innovation Support Service

February 2015: Article entitled Un chercheur-entrepreneur in ActualitésUQAM

April 2015: Presentation of NeuroMotrix at the Défi Montréal final of Défi Montréal

September 2015: Launch of the website and the Home Training component at the M-Style M-Style event

NeuroMotrix approach

An innovative approach to optimize training

NeuroMotrix is developing an innovative method to bridge the gap between science and practice to enable people with a neurological disorder to get the most out of physical activity based on their specific needs.

Our approach is based on recent scientific evidence to optimize the effects of physical activity. We are working to create an interactive platform that will promote knowledge transfer and innovation.

Follow our evolution!


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La solution en entrainement pour les personnes atteintes de troubles neurologiques